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A curious and interesting history lies behind the origin and spread of Christianity in Shirva. As required documents are not available, it is difficult to write it elaborately. With the help of the few records available and with the prevalent tradition it has been possible to shed lights on a few topics.

It is not possible to tell exactly when Christianity originated in Shirva. But it is commonly believed that it spread here during the period from 1534 to 1600 when Christianity spread in the west coastal districts of South Kanara and North Kanara.

The traditions confirm that Churches were founded here a few centuries back. It is certain that till 1911 two churches existed here, one upper church and the lower Church.

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Mass Timings

Daily Mass: Monday to Saturday @ 6:30 AM

Perpertual Succour Novena Mass: Wednesday @ 6:30 AM

Sunday obligation Mass: Saturday @ 4:00 PM

Sunday Masses: Sunday @ 7:15 AM & 9:15 AM

Irmiz Church: Thursday @ 5:00 PM

Saud Mai Old Church: Tuesday @ 5:00 PM

Adoration/Holy Hour & Mass: Friday @ 5:00 PM

Catechism: Sunday @ 10:15 AM

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Parish Priests

V. Rev. Fr. Dr. Leslie D'Souza
V. Rev. Fr. Dr. Leslie D'Souza
Rev. Fr. Rolwyn Joy Aranha
Rev. Fr. Rolwyn Joy Aranha
Rev. Fr. Ronson Pinto
Rev. Fr. Ronson Pinto