Irmiz Church

The Chapel at the Mangalore Bishop’s House is called Irmiz and the patron is Our Lady of Dolour. We have a chapel called by the same name- Irmiz and the patron is Our Lady of Dolour. It is believed that our elders brought the statue from Goa and installed it. There is a folklore regarding this Chapel. Shirva and the surroundings villages were infected with small pox.

And the people in their distress prayed to Our Lady of Dolour’s at Irmiz and took procession and made vows and they were cured of their disease. To remember this event, they had the feast of Irmiz every year as thanks giving.

Rev. Dr. Ronald Cutino in his work ‘Ektha’ he as this to say regarding this chapel. “History: this Chapel known has Irmiz in the Portuguese language is established by the Portuguese. They used to build such Chapels where there were no churches. So that they could offer prayers wherever they landed in these places”.

At present we have the annual feast of the Irmiz with the triduum vespers feast day during the first week of Easter. On every Thursday at 4:45 PM we have Rosary & Holy Mass at 5:00 PM and people do attend with devotion.

Irmiz Committee consisting of the gurkars and Parish Council Members of the following wards- Irmiz ward, Sorkal ward, Shirva Ward, Daddinahithlu upper ward, Daddinahithlu lower ward, Kudthamajal ward, Padav ward & Kadikambla ward take responsibility and leadership at the liturgical activities of Irmiz.